Henson 8000 Visual Field Screener

What is it used for?
This piece of equipment is used to check that you see things that you are not looking at directly. This is particularly important in diseases such as glaucoma or some types of stroke or brain tumour. The equipment we use at Contemporary Vision is called a Henson 8000.
How is the test done?
The test is usually done one eye at a time so you will have to wear an eye patch. You look into a machine and will see small lights flash on. You either press a button when you see a light or say how many lights you see each time depending on the exact test being conducted.
I had this done before and got in a muddle!
Everything is explained clearly for this before we start but if you're not sure what to do, ask and we can go over it again. The test can go as slow as you want, so simply say if you feel it is going too quick.

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