If it’s health and comfort you want, then Transitions is the lens for you. Transitions photochromic plastic lenses are bringing the benefits of comfortable vision to more and more people.The latest Transitions lenses go as dark as conventional sun lenses, and very quickly too. The ultraviolet radiation in sunlight turns them brown or grey or graphite green, depending on the tint you select. Modern Transitions lenses lighten very quickly indeed too so that when you go back indoors, they’ll fade back in just a few minutes. The fade back of Transitions lenses with Crizal Forte is up to 30% faster than with just a hard protective coating. Better still, you get all the benefits of clearer lenses with no reflections, so you look better and see better.

Transitions lenses filter out all the damaging UV radiation that in the long term can damage your eyes and age your skin. Transitions lenses require UV radiation to set off the darkening process, so they won’t darken much in a car or when you are behind glass. For details, contact our staff and we’ll be happy to help.

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