We stock around 500 frames with a wide range of styles and prices. Many are available in alternative colours which we are happy to get in for you to see with no obligation.

There is a vast array of spectacle lenses available now. From straight forward single vision lenses suitable for perhaps reading or distance use through to multi-focal lenses supporting the focus of your eyes at all distances in as natural a way as possible. The different designs of lens can also be made in a variety of materials; this allows us to reduce the thickness of your lenses if you need a higher power, protect you from harmful UV radiation, or change colour with light levels using Transitions.

We use Varilux varifocal lenses and are proud to be Varilux Specialist Opticians. Varilux are made by the inventors of varifocal lenses. Varilux gives dynamic clarity and greater comfort whilst providing natural vision near, far and in-between. You can find out more about Varilux lenses here.

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